Workshops and Tutorials

Below are past workshop EH has hosted. Please contact us with ideas for workshops related to class and project needs!

3D Modeling:

This workshop covers the basics of Unity, a 3D cross-platform tool for creating a wide range of games and interactive experiences. While it is primarily used for game design, it is also a potent tool for creating interactive audiovisual art.

Augmented Reality:

This workshop provides an overview of how to create basic augmented reality functionality using Vuforia, an AR tool built into the latest versions of the program Unity.

Decolonizing the Syllabus:

Discuss when and how to de-center Western texts, methods, and traditions in a range of courses, and instead meaningfully build on knowledge, principles, and works from other cultures. Includes workshopping individual syllabi that faculty bring in.

EH Methods in the Classroom:

Discuss experimental, practice-rich, and hands-on project assignment possibilities beyond the traditional academic essay, with a focus on how form and content might relate. Includes work-shopping individual syllabi that faculty bring in.

Interactive Narratives:

Learn the basics of how to create interactive digital narratives that fork, loop, link, and have other nonlinear characteristic using tools like Twine

iPhone Screen Replacement Workshops:

Empowering students and community members to take repair into their own hands, giving them low-cost, sustainable alternatives to paying for screen repair or buying new smartphones.

Listen Like a Microphone:

This workshop introduces participants to the art of listening to and recording sounds using digital audio recorders. We focus on recordings for voice, ambient/environmental sounds, and field recordings through hands-on recording exercises, followed by group listening exercises that will sharpen participants’ aural judgement and technical decision-making abilities.


This workshop provides an introduction to StoryMaps, a free tool to help tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events through mapping and images.

Oral Histories:

This two-part workshop covers the basic skills and tools needed for sound editing as well as best practices for conducting oral histories. An introduction to Audacity, a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software, is provided.

Sound and Virtuality:

How can sound and music be integrated into interactive platforms and experiences? This beginner’s workshop utilizes a free 3D open source software to explore the nature of spatial audio, and how it functions within a virtual environment.

Website building:

Learn how to use an array of platforms, computer languages, and tools to build websites, from basic HTML sites to out-of-the-box and modified WordPress themes

Wikipedia “edit-a-thons”:

training students and faculty to add or edit Wikipedia pages, with an eye towards diversifying the kinds of information and editors available on Wikipedia

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