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How does technology mediate what it means to be human?

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Our beautiful EH abode is a prefab nominee for Dwell's Best of Design 2018 Awards! Check out the amazing roundup (and vote for us!) here:

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November 16
November 16, 2018 1:00 pm

Intro to 3D Worldbuilding

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Current EH Core Course

LIT 235 - Introduction to Media

Taught by Professor Maria Sachiko Cecire

This course offers an introduction to media history and theory, tracking a series of events and concepts with the aim of understanding media not simply as a scholarly object but as a force in our lives. We will look at old and new media alike, from writing to photography to the contemporary digital landscape, and explore how media have regularly re-shaped our perceptions of time, space, knowledge, and identity. The premise of the course is that the new-ness of new media can only be approached against the background of humanistic experimentation and imagination, even as it transforms our lives and experiences.

Featured EH Course

HIST 2237 - Radio Africa: Broadcasting History

Taught by Professor Drew Thompson

The radio is a type of technological innovation that was party to Africa’s colonization and decolonization. While colonial authorities used the radio to broadcast news reports and to internally transmit governing strategies, local African communities sometimes appropriated the radio for both political and entertainment purposes. This course uses the technological history of the radio in Africa to explore histories of political activism, leisure, cultural production and entertainment across Sub-Saharan Africa from colonial to present times.

Reserve the Center!

The Center for Experimental Humanities at New Annandale House is open to the Bard community to reserve for all kinds of student, faculty, and staff projects: hands-on workshops, digital exhibitions, game nights, lectures, screenings, performances, and more!

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