Experimental Humanities draws upon the courses offered by its core faculty and includes two dedicated and required introductory courses: Introduction to Media and History of Experiment.

To Moderate

To moderate into EH students must have successfully completed (or be enrolled in) one of these courses and one other EH cross-listed course, and fulfilled the Moderation requirements of the primary program. All candidates for Moderation must demonstrate a clear idea of how the EH concentration will work with their major program of study in their short papers (or, if not moderating simultaneously into a primary program, submit a separate two- to three-page paper addressing this question). At least one member of the Moderation board should be a faculty member affiliated with EH.

Students planning to moderate into EH must complete this form.

  • Intro to Media OR History of the Experiment
  • One other EH-listed course

To Graduate

To graduate, Experimental Humanities students must have completed both core courses, two additional EH or EH cross-listed courses (including one above the 200 level), and at least one practicing arts course beyond the College arts requirement or a Computer Science course.

To be an EH senior project, your sproj can take many forms depending on the requirements of your primary program(s). For us, it need only engage with one or more of the questions and concerns of the concentration, including:

How does technology mediate what it means to be human?

How do media shape culture and/or the pursuit of knowledge?

How do traditional and experimental methods of inquiry affect what knowledge looks like?

If you are using experimental methods in your own project, explain why and how they shape your inquiry and outcomes.

The appropriate question(s) for your project should be addressed in your project introduction or artist’s statement, and/or you should be prepared to talk about which question(s) best fit your project and your answers in the midway and final boards.


  • Intro to Media
  • History of the Experiment
  • EH elective
  • EH elective above the 200-level
  • A practicing arts course beyond the college arts requirement or a Computer Science course

Exceptions to these guidelines may be made subject to the discretion of the EH Steering Committee, in consultation with the student’s primary program and academic adviser.