Media Corps

Media Corps students support Experimental Humanities initiatives across the college through assistance with faculty and staff projects, digital documentation of EH events, and dissemination of EH work by Bard students, faculty, and staff.

Lyra Johnson

Lyra Johnson (she/her) is a senior at Bard College studying Film and Electronic Arts with a concentration in Experimental Humanities. Lyra’s work focuses on an in-depth and somewhat psychological exploration of visual mediums as a means of facilitating empathy and understanding. She loves experimental/avant-garde film, documentaries, horror, sci-fi, and any fusion of these genres. Lyra is also curious about the potential ethical ramifications of artificial intelligence research, and particularly how these conversations center themselves around independent thought and artistic expression: Can an AI make “real” art, or is art strictly a human endeavor?

Clementine Williams

Clementine Williams (Brooklyn, NY) is a third year Studio Arts major at Bard, who spends most of her time running between Biology labs in RKC and painting studios in Fisher. To her, creating is a process of play in which time, material, energy, and desire interact to birth artifacts of personal experience. Her work reflects the collage-like elements of thought, remembering, forgetting, coping, and feeling, often at the blurry intersection between digital permanence and human subjectivity. She works primarily in oil paint, however is interested in exploring more of 3D space, both digitally and physically.

Josh Guerrero

Josh Guerrero (Queens, NY) is a third year at Bard College studying Electronic Music. He is interested in the sound and visual origins of nature and how they have been perceived by people to shape culture, music, shared experiences, and future understandings of a rapidly changing industrial world. His creative work involves both musical and cinematic expressions of nature and a search for further understanding at a both social and personal level what it means to live and connect with the world. With his experience in sound, film and music software, he hopes to develop and contribute creative work and analysis on a variety of projects and areas in EH.

Luka Gotsiridze

Luka Gotsiridze (he/they) is a graduate student of Human Rights & the Arts from the country of Georgia. They are an artist and researcher interested in exploring how emotional consciousness can enhance meaningful connections with ourselves and others, while also critically examining the pervasive impact of normalized systems of oppression. Luka’s artistic expression flows through experimental arts that encompass performance, live arts, writing, photography, sonic storytelling, virtualscape, and filmmaking.

Samantha Simon

Samantha Simon (she/her) is a sophomore Art History and Visual Culture major with a concentration in Experimental Humanities. She is interested in the impact technology and digital literacy have on human development, digital nativity, and material/consumer culture. She’s especially passionate about the influence of media on socio-emotional development. In her free time, Samantha enjoys running, writing, cooking, engaging with all kinds of art (especially theater), and being in constant conversation. 

Anna Likhanova

Anna Likhanova (she/her) is a junior majoring in Studio Arts and Computer Science and concentrating in Experimental Humanities. Coming from Russia, Anna is passionate about human rights and the ways art and technology can become a symbol of resilience. She is also interested in game design and hopes to make it her career one day.

Inju Keum

Inju Keum (she/her) is a BardBacc student and a second year Architecture major at Bard. She is from Washington Heights, NYC. She has worked as both a publisher/bookmaker  and independent artist. In the past her publishing projects have been linked to galleries and experimental art spaces in NYC, Brussels and Tokyo.
Her current project is developing and navigating a space called Fahrenheit 451 House in Catskill Village.