Media Corps


Media Corps students support Experimental Humanities initiatives across the college through assistance with faculty and staff projects, digital documentation of EH events, and dissemination of EH work by Bard students, faculty, and staff.

  • Anna Hallett Gutierrez (York, Pennsylvania) is a third year student studying Violin Performance and Philosophy in Bard Conservatory’s double-degree program. She has enjoyed working on oral history projects, and working behind the scenes to keep things organized at the container. Her interests include oral histories, audio and video editing, and how personal narratives shape and bring history to life.

  • Ariel West (Los Angeles, CA) is a Freshman at Bard College. She plans to major in Film and Electronic Arts with a concentration in Experimental Humanities. Currently, she is interested in how the history and present use of media and technology influences and distorts the construction of self and society as a whole. These questions lead to experiments in two realms, the first utilizing the demonstrative capacity of film to explore these concepts, the second is analysis of both the film and theories to further elaborate upon them. These projects probe further questions that center around the relationship of the viewer to the art, and how this relationship can identify new constructions of self . This leads Ariel to concern herself with the new ways media can be reconstructed to immerse an audience, whether this immersion is spatial, physical, or emotional. How can VR, AR, and other forms of interactive media be utilized to change a viewer into a user, and a user into a creator? Currently, she is attempting to find ways that the human body of the viewer can be used as a tool by the artist to mesh the experience of creating and viewing. Can the personal mechanics of the viewer’s eye be utilized in media to create an individual experience that is unique to the viewer in the moment of the viewer’s perception of said media?

  • Bird Cohen is a junior Electronic Music major with a focus in spatial audio, interactive audio-visual art, and game design. They are especially interested in using programs such as Unity, SketchUp, and Twine to explore questions of gender identity and the ways in which our ideas of body and interaction change as technology develops. They plan to develop a senior project that will be both an essay and art-game focusing on the concept of avatar, and how it relates to body dysphoria and posthumanism.

  • Maeve Potter (Chicago, Illinois) is a junior majoring in Film & Electronic Arts and concentrating in Experimental Humanities. As long as Maeve is doing something creative on a computer she’s happy. Her area of interest includes: video with a focus on post-production, audio editing, graphic design, web design, coding, electronic music, game creation, big data, AI, virtual reality, and pretty much any other form of digital art. Maeve loves teamwork and collaboration and is happy to help other students with any software needs.

  • Mishi Mandoki (Mexico City) is a first-year student studying Environmental & Urban Studies and Photography. She is interested in the interrelation of art and science and explores this theme by studying the relationships that human beings hold with the natural world. Some of her areas of interest include: film and digital photography, painting, drawing and digital programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Mishi enjoys collaborating with other artists and creators to come up with collective projects!