Maria Sachiko Cecire

Associate Professor of Literature

Assistant Professor of Literature and previous Director of Experimental Humanities. Prof. Cecire’s research focuses on recreations of the Middle Ages in twentieth-century and contemporary culture (especially children’s culture), and how medium affects content in various kinds of storytelling. She is also a filmmaker, and her most recent media work includes a trio of documentaries that restage medieval drama for contemporary audiences. For more information on the Early Drama at Oxford project with which she is affiliated, click here. She offers courses on media studies, children’s culture, medieval literature and its reception, and cultural studies at Bard. Recent Experimental Humanities courses include the core course “Intro to Media” and an upper-level course on “Medievalisms” in which students create digital archives and exhibitions around this topic. She received her MSt and DPhil from the University of Oxford, where she studied on a Rhodes Scholarship, and her BA from the University of Chicago.