Blacktivations: Black Imagination at Bard

Student Exhibition

May 4th and 5th, 2022

Event Information

Exhibition of work curated and created by Bard students Kimbrielle Boult, Sahar Carter, Dana Debro, Emma Deutsch, Valentina Flores, Rasheeda Graham, Diana McCready, Sydney Oshuna, Lowell Thomas, and Immanuel Williams in collaboration with artist Natasha Marin.

May 4th-9th at Campus Center Gallery
Photography by Lowell Thomas and Rasheeda Graham
Blacktivations Catalogue by Emma Deutsch

May 4th at New Annandale House
Opening Ritual, 6-8pm
Performance by Kimbrielle Boult
Installation by Dana Debro and Sydney Oshuna

May 5th at New Annandale House
Closing Ritual 6-8pm
Installation by Dana Debro and Sydney Oshuna
Interactive Performance by Diana McCready, Valentina Flores, Sahar Carter, and Immanuel Williams