EH Response to COVID-19

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Personal Protective Equipment

In response to the dire shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the global COVID-19 pandemic, homegrown industries have sprung up around the world to help meet local needs for medical face shields for frontline workers using 3D printing technologies. In combination with face masks, face shields provide crucial protection for essential workers whose jobs require them to come face-to-face with people suffering from the disease.

Faculty and staff from Bard College, including affiliates of the Center for Experimental Humanities, have formed the Annandale Equipment Collective to contribute to this life saving effort, producing and assembling face shields within their homes. 3D printers belonging to college have been used to manufacture light head frames, and straps have been designed to be removable and washable, allowing for the shields to be reused—if conditions permit. The Collective’s aim is to donate 2000 face shields to organizations that are being neglected by public supply chains, and that cannot afford to compete in the increasingly grim open market for medical supplies. So far, it has donated to local hospitals, fire stations, and live-in facilities for people with disabilities, as well as other Bard related initiatives such as Thrive On!.

Please consider contributing to this effort through donations that will allow us to achieve our goal of producing and distributing 2000 free face shields. For every 4 dollars you donate, we are able to produce & distribute 1 face shield.


**Be sure to select: ‘Dean’s Discretionary Fund / Face shields.

Christopher Ahmed: long distance deliveries

Daniel Williams. AEC Finances & Media

Doug O’Connor: local deliveries

Hayden Sartoris: local deliveries

Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco: 3d printing / assembly

Jeannette Estruth: Distribution Strategy

Kathryn Tabb: Medical feedback & sewing adjustable straps.

Lauren: Manufacturing team cutting acetate sheets to size

Ross Exo Adams: 3d printing / assembly