Keystone Species (vultures)

A.T.E. Lab kicked off its inaugural year with a collection of multimedia works (drone footage, 360 video, writing, and virtual simulations) focused on vultures and connections to shifting ecologies and land use in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Above: VR Simulation by Lin Barnett and Bird Cohen

For above 360 video: use your mouse or cursor to move around the screen!

Project Team:

Krista Caballero, Associate Director, Center for Experimental Humanities

Corinna Cape, Program Coordinator, Center for Experimental Humanities

Lin Barnett, Senior, Art History and Experimental Humanities

Bird Cohen, Sophomore, Electronic Music and Experimental Humanities

Anne Comer, Senior, Anthropology and Experimental Humanities

Djimon Gibson, Junior, EUS and Experimental Humanities

Evan Tims, Senior, Written Arts and EUS

Emma Washburn, Senior, Philosophy and Experimental Humanities

Special Thanks:

Alexis Brewer, PhD candidate in the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior subprogram at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center

Dan DeCiutiis, Manager, Carpentry, Painting and Locksmiths, Bard College

Laurie Husted, Chief Sustainability Officer, Bard College

Erik Kiviat, Executive Director, Hudsonia

Bruce Robertson, Associate Professor of Biology, Bard College

Helene Tieger, Bard Archivist