Nathan Shockey

Assistant Professor of Japanese

Assistant Professor of Japanese. Dr. Shockey received his Ph.D. in Modern Japanese Literature from Columbia University in June 2012. His dissertation, “Literary Writing, Print Media, and Urban Space in Modern Japan, 1895‐1933” explores the repercussions of the rapid proliferation of mass‐produced typographic media in Japan, with particular attention to the role of mass-market books and magazines in the formation of new discourses on metropolitan life, social thought, and language reform. He holds M.A. degrees in Japanese Literature from Columbia as well as Waseda University in Tokyo, in addition to a B.A. in Asian Languages from Stanford University. His research and teaching interests include the modernist literature and intellectual history of mid 20th‐century Japan, the cultural history of Tokyo, the problems of aesthetics and politics in the literary avant‐garde, and discourses surrounding the rise of new media in modern Japan. He has published in both English and Japanese, most recently contributing to the volume Censorship, Media, and Literary Culture in Japan: From Edo to Postwar (Tokyo: Shin’yôsha).