Anaka Marie Wetch

Weightier Crystalline

My sound sculpture is an exploration of external space and the passage of time in our consciousness. It represents nature’s transitions as a passage of time, moving from one state to the next, in much the same way as our consciousness moves from waking to dreaming in what is often perceived as cyclic. I have focused on the expansion of sound and auditory panning to create an expansive sculpturally auditory experience. I have experimented with visual representations of time through symbolism and light motifs, layering, and reversing my footage. I also transitioned from a series of days- so to speak- to an animated landscape of color gradient fading into night. The night also transitions into an unknown realm, or dream state, represented by cyclic moon phases and the activities of various flora. The juxtaposition of the time-lapsed sunset, reversed to represent a sunrise, and the rapid transitions of the moon phases, represents the variations in our perceived passage of time within our consciousness. Perhaps this sequence symbolizes the garden of interiority.