Ward Manor Cemetery Project

A mini-lab under the Digital History Lab.

Project Background and Information

The Ward Manor Cemetery Project is a mini-lab under the Digital History Lab. This documentation project is planned in several phases of work, which overlap in their implementation. The project centers on a mid-twentieth-century cemetery in present-day Tivoli Bays Wildlife Management Area. The 170+ graves are those of residents who lived at Ward Manor when it was a progressive retirement home run by the Community Service Society (c. 1920s-50s). The mansion of Ward Manor and this cemetery were separated from one another when Central Hudson purchased the 1000 acres of Tivoli Bays in 1960 and Bard College purchased Ward Manor and the remaining 90 acres in 1963. The aim of this project is to recover not only the names of these former residents of Ward Manor but also to bring their pasts into our present.