Outer Heavens

Maxwell Paparella
Spring 2013

Project Background and Information

Outer Heavens was an exhibition of videos and objects at the Ottaway Film Center at Bard College in April 2013, completed as a senior project in fulfillment of the Film & Electronic Arts and Experimental Humanities degree requirements. This exhibition was an attempt to use internet search functionality as a proverbial search for meaning.

The objects pictured in the gallery above are water-resistant nude studies made with patio furniture covers from the Veranda Collection by Classic Accessories and Flexpex plumbing hardware.

The videos were grouped into three cycles: Selections From Dream Diary, Places (I Haven’t Been), and My Institutions. Below is a representative video from each cycle. All of the videos are online here.

Maxwell Paparella ’13 majored in Film & Electronic Arts with a concentration in Experimental Humanities.