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March 12, 2014, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Triple Canopy IRL: A Conversation with Molly Kleiman and Peter J. Russo

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Triple Canopy editors Molly Kleiman and Peter J. Russo will present the magazine’s new publishing platform and discuss the work of composing and contextualizing Web-based artistic, literary, and critical projects. The new platform aims to articulate and enrich the relationships between writing code and reading prose, between digital interfaces and printed pages, between social media and public space. Conceived collectively and developed over the better part of a year, the redesign also reflects Triple Canopy’s commitment to thoughtful interaction with artists and writers, and the magazine’s mission to create immersive reading and viewing experiences online.

Triple Canopy’s editors will give an overview of the magazine’s history, working methods, and the particulars of the redesign and then present a more detailed look at the way in which specific artistic and literary projects have been conceived, edited, and designed in collaboration with contributors. This presentation will be followed by an open discussion of artistic production, alternative publishing models, and digital technologies.