Locating Loopholes: Exploring Rules of Engagement

Eleven faculty and staff and five students participated in the workshop to discuss with artist and writer, Jill Magid, the tactics of permission that she has explored in her work. Building on a continued interest at Bard (and especially among several EHers) in questions surrounding surveillance, Magid graciously agreed to experiment with us in the format of the Mellon workshop to treat it something like a seminar. She sent fascinating advance readings for the group, which provided a foundation for discussions of her earlier projects, such as System Azure and Evidence Locker. These discussions were interspersed with inside stories Magid told about her experiences in performing and creating these works.

 At the lecture, later in the evening, Magid picked up with some of her more recent work that continues as an exploration and participation in existing systems of power (police, surveillance, corporations, institutions), taking the audience through the methods and processes of creating Spy Project, Auto Portrait Pending, and the Barragán archives. We are grateful to Jill for coming to campus to speak and to enrich some of our continued conversations!