Music, Sound and Affect in Japan’s Antinuclear Movement

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David Novak  Associate Professor of Music and Ethnomusicology at UC Santa Barbara This talk considers the recent mix of “sound demos,” art installations and antinuclear music festivals in contexts of political protest in Japan since the tsunami and subsequent nuclear … Continued

Experimental Humanities Information Session

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In this info session, two students in the Experimental Humanities concentration will share their experiences in the department from a uniquely student-based perspective. They will share WHAT they do, HOW they do it, and WHY they do it. A brief, … Continued

Alien Therapy: Nordic Larp in A Contemporary Art Context

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Experimental Humanities Program and Art History Program present Johanna Koljonen & Bjarke Pedersen   Nordic Larp is a progressive variant of live role-playing practice that originated in the Nordic countries but today influences game design and performance across the globe. Nordic larpers … Continued

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